What We Do at TDC


TDC works with businesses and organizations of all sizes to HIRE GREAT EMPLOYEES.  We work with our clients to Define the Role Clearly, Search for Candidates, Screen/Interview Candidates, and Onboard them Effectively.

Why Choose Us

Effective Hiring Process

We guarantee our work using proven hiring methods.

Exceptional Value

We offer competitive solutions that match your needs.

Targeted Talent Pool

We utilize our experience and networking skills to engage the right talent for your open position(s).

Screening Expertise

We utilize Behavioral Interview techniques along with Top Grading and Assessments, to refine the talent pool.

20 Years of Experience

TDC has experience in a wide range of industries.

Customized Solutions

We create a plan appropriate for your situation.

For Employers

Your business has unique hiring and staffing needs. We have a wide range of services to connect the right candidates with your needs. 

First Steps

Creating a New Position or Redefining a Role

Let us use our experience to assist you in crafting the position description, pay scale, job description, and Key Result Areas (KRA) to define the role and what a successful candidate will be able to do.

Candidate Profile

In the TDC – Targeted Hire approach, we guide the key team members through the creation of a candidate profile for the role using the McQuaig Assessment. This not only helps to identify which candidates are the best fit, but creates buy-in from the key team members, so they are vested in the success of the candidates hired.

Finding the Right Candidates

We can help you create a job description that will attract the right candidates. We craft descriptions, ads, and position deliverables that will cause the candidates who fit the role to “light up”. When done well, it will also keep candidates who don’t fit at bay. Having a passion for the role is a great indicator of fit and success. 

Candidate Sourcing

Beyond getting on the phone to network, we employ a variety of methods, websites, and partners to source candidates specific to your company and available position(s).

Screening Candidates

Once we have spoken with you and the hiring team to understand what is needed in the position and what a good candidate looks like, we can use our expertise to screen for the key skills, knowledge, experience and motivation you require.

Third Party Perspective

Sometimes, you simply need an unbiased third-party to give you perspective.  We can help you evaluate the candidates you are considering and give you our perspective on the strengths, weaknesses, motivation, and potential of each candidate.  We can help you make informed decisions, based on facts, not emotion.

Interview Process

Process Management

If you and your team are strapped for time, or don’t have the necessary skills, we can manage the entire hiring process for you, or just the parts you need assistance with.

Interview Guides

We are trained in Behavioral-based Interview techniques and can develop interview guides for the roles you need to fill.

Talent Retention

Organizational Planning

Is turnover eating up your time and budget?  Let us help you figure out where your current process isn’t working and install a process that will greatly improve your results: excellent hiring, retention, succession planning and more.

Team Building

Sometimes it’s not about finding new team members, but allowing the team members you already have to flourish and work well together.   We can offer an independent evaluation of your team, SWOT analysis, and recommendations on how to structure your current team to maximize performance.


Internship Programs

Having created best-in-class internship programs, we can help you create a program for your business that will allow you to compete and win the top talent in your field.


One of our greatest joys has been to coach and mentor others, to impart perspective, encouragement, and accountability that empowers them to grow.  Growth is hard, honest work. If you are willing to allow us the privilege to walk along your journey with you, we would appreciate the opportunity hear what you desire to do and become.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, or how to find it, let’s schedule a time to fix that.

For Talent

We are absolutely committed to finding and placing candidates into the best possible roles with companies based on their interests.

Featured Job Listings

Project Implementation Engineer. Capstone Technology - Vancouver, Washington

Capstone Technologies provides data historian, information management, reporting and advanced process control solutions including the premier real-time data visualizations tools in PARCView to a variety of industries. We are growing and need to add a new member to our Project Implementation Team.

As a Project Implementation Engineer, you will use your Process Engineering experience, enjoyment of programming and information management tools to manage the installation and training for our software solutions. You will manage multiple projects, in a variety of industries and provide training to our clients on our products.

This role is located in Vancouver, Washington.

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Physician Neurology (Private Practice). Valley Clinics - Corvallis/Albany, Oregon

Valley Clinics Internal Medicine is a growing primary care practice in Western Oregon. We are a team of dedicated and caring professionals who deliver high quality healthcare to our patients. Our mission is to provide the best medical care in a friendly, professional atmosphere while balancing work and family life. We are currently seeking another team member who enjoys working together to achieve the common mission within our patient-centered, healthcare setting.

To meet the rising need for neurology care, we seek to add a physician of neurology to our team in the Corvallis-Albany, OR area.    We offer the opportunity to have a flexible schedule to meet your life-style and/or financial goals.  We can set-up a schedule from 3-5 days a week; All day, Mornings, Afternoons.

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These are just a few of the positions and projects we are currently working with. Let’s discuss what would be the best fit for your skills, experience, and who you are.

For Recruiters

Welcome fellow recruitment professionals.  If you believe you have candidates who would be a good fit for the roles we are working on or if you would like to help source candidates for our searches, we would be happy to connect with you.

Before we do that, we know not everyone in our industry is as professional as they should be.  If you wish to work with us, there are a couple of basic rules:

  • When you set an appointment with a candidate, keep it.
  • If you know a candidate isn’t a fit for a role, tell them.
  • If you are asked a question, and you don’t know the answer, admit it. Then, if appropriate, get the answer and follow-up.
  • When a position is closed, let those not selected know.
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If you are already following these simple rules, or are willing to, we welcome the chance to work with you as we seek to pair the right candidate with the right role and company. To set-up a time to speak with us and to introduce yourself, click below.

Female in ideal job placement

Why we do what we do!

It is a privilege to facilitate the match between the needs and desires of employers and candidates.  Our goal is to treat everyone in the recruitment process respectfully. 

Whether you are an employer, looking for a job, or a fellow recruiter, we look forward to working with you.

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