Solve Your Recruitment Challenges

We are your corporate recruiter 
when you need assistance
with one role or many.

Free PDF: Three Tips to Avoid Wrong Hires

Solve Your
Recruitment Challenges

We are your corporate recruiter,
when you need assistance
with one role or many.

Case Study: Director of Engineering (Free PDF)

We will work with you to implement effective recruiting solutions.


Identify what successful hires look like


Create profiles for successful candidates


Conduct effective candidate searches


Assess using behavioral interview methods


Evaluate the long-term fit of prospective hires

TDC will help you increase the likelihood of hiring long-term performers, and improve the return on your investment.

The TDC – Targeted Hire process clearly defines the profile of successful candidates, increases the team’s buy-in to the success of the chosen candidate and reduces the overall time and cost of hiring, with 96% successful placement.

Utilizing our TDC – Targeted Hire platform organizes your candidates into an easy-to-use format accessible from any device.

This brief video gives an overview of the TDC – Targeted Hire Platform.

Why people work with Talent Driven Consulting…

We work with great companies to meet their staffing needs. Join them in your quest for top talent.

We have experience overcoming recruitment challenges in a variety of industries across North America and abroad. We look forward to learning about your unique challenges, so we can craft a plan for your successful hires.

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